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The Biggest Bridal Hair Trends of the Season

Hannah Colby

2019’s bridal season has been all about getting back to basics by keeping things minimal and organic. Messy waves and tousled texture are in as tight and defined curls are a thing of the past. Timeless looks are also growing in popularity again, such as vintage waves and sleek chignons. It seems the minimalistic trends in beauty directly correlate with the organic bridal styles that will likely carry on into the 2020 wedding season. I have created a list of the top 5 most trending bridal hair styles of the 2019-2020 bridal season.

tousled beach waves

1) Tousled Waves

Perfect ringlets doused in hairspray are a thing of the past (thank god!) Effortless textured waves are in! Brides are opting for a more organic type of wave this season often referred to as “the beachy look”. Perfect for brides not wanting to look too overdone. As balayage remains trendy, these textured waves are the perfect compliment to show off your dimensional hair color. 

Pro Tip: Use a good texture spray, such as Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray, before waving the hair to ensure a strong hold without having to use a lot of hairspray that will leave the…. crunchy look (Yikes!)

bridal chignon

2) The Classic Chignon

Chignons have made their way back to the trendy list again. This polished and chic look is perfect for brides rocking a bold makeup look or a statement dress. Middle parts are also very trendy right now and work perfectly with this sophisticated look. Smooth strands, middle part, a little volume in the crown area all tied into the perfectly chic chignon- absolutely stunning! 

Pro Tip: Use a creme, such as Aquage’s detailing creme, as opposed to hair spray to keep things polished + controlled!

Captured by: Deep End Imagery.

Captured by: Deep End Imagery.

3) Vintage Glam Waves

Another timeless looking making a comeback with a new twist! Traditionally, vintage waves include a deep side part tucked behind the ear with curls curled towards the face to give it that big wave look in the front. The more modern take on this look includes slightly more relaxed waves curled away from the face, but the deep part tucked behind the ear remains the same. This look is perfect for brides who want to wear their hair down, but still capture the same polish and sophistication as the classic chignon style offers.

Pro Tip: Spend a good amount of time brushing the curls out using a boar bristle brush, such as the Mason Pearson. Then mold your waves using silver clips + hairspray, such as Kenra’s Artformation spray.

half up half down

4) Half Up, Half Down

This look is perfect for the bride who wants to wear her hair down, but wants a bit more structure to prevent it falling in her face all day. Many brides stick with the textured waves  for this look and either twist or braid a few strands to meet in the back. Big bohemian twists or a pulled apart dutch braid are the perfect addition to this look!

Pro Tip: Use a powder texturizing product, like Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play, to create grip when pulling apart braids or twists!

messy brial updo

5) The Messy Updo

Texture and messy organic looks are in! Did I mention that yet? Messy updo’s with added braids, twists, and pieces effortlessly falling out are they way to go this season. This look is perfect for brides looking for something organic to enhance their bohemian dress or venue. It is sure to last throughout the evening, since it is intentionally so organic and messy already!

Pro Tip: If you intend on leaving out some pieces in the front, be sure they aren’t too long or they may look a bit odd dangling there while the rest of your hair is up!. Your bridal hair stylist should have a pair of shears with them in case you are in need of a last minute snip!

Trends come and go, but ultimately it is important that you feel like yourself on your wedding day. Be sure to stay within your comfort zone, so you feel confident walking down the aisle. 

What is your favorite bridal hair trend of the season?

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